Often we receive wedding invitations that look ordinary. How about you? If you are already planning a wedding, do you want a simple invitation or an invitation that can leave an impression on the hearts of every guest who accepts your invitation so let’s get to know about the pre wedding cards? Yes, I am talking about the Save the date cards, it is a new trend and many couples make this memory and invite guests by customising the save the dates templates easily. Here we present eight unique wedding invitation design ideas that can be your inspiration:

1. Order in a bottle

Very classic but will stick in the hearts of everyone who accepts your wedding invitation. If your wedding is going to be beach or ocean themed, then an invitation design like this is perfect. In your card design you have to include the beach colors and theme. BasicDesign help you to create and customize the invitation card on budget just click on the text cheap save the date cards.

What if you don’t want a beach or ocean theme wedding? You can still use a bottled wedding invitation design, but of course you don’t need to use something beach or sea.

2. Wedding invitations in the form of passports or tickets

For those of you who like adventure or travel, a wedding invitation design in the form of a passport or ticket is perfect for you, looks very interesting and creative, doesn’t it? You can choose the view or passport model according to your liking.

3. Invitations that can be folded and shaped into something

What item or object do you like? You can make it as a wedding invitation. Let the people you invite fold your invitations and shape them into your favorite object so they will always remember you.

4. Wedding invitation with compass shape

Compass-shaped wedding invitations are unique because not many people use this idea. You can try a wedding invitation design like this to amaze the guests you invite when they receive an invitation from you.

5. Wedding invitations that look like chocolate

Chocolate… this sweet food has many fans. You can please the guests you invite by giving them a chocolate bar (the size of the chocolate is up to you) which is wrapped on the outside with your wedding invitation. Really fun!

6. Wedding invitations are like fairy tales

Lots of people like fairy tales because they usually have a happy ending. Everyone likes happy stories. A wedding invitation design that looks like a fairy tale can be your inspiration if you are confused about what kind of design looks interesting and different. The words and pictures must of course look like a fairy tale.

7. Wedding invitations decorated with watercolor

You can also use watercolor for wedding invitations. The choice of soft and romantic colors such as blue, purple and green is the right choice, as in the example above.

8. Wedding invitations embellished with calligraphy and hand-drawn

Something made by hand does give a special impression in the hearts of everyone who sees it. If you want your wedding invitation to impress everyone who receives it, then design your wedding invitation with calligraphy and drawings made by human hands.